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Four Ohio airplanes won
awards at our 2010 Convention

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Grand Champion Vagabond N4643H
Don Siefer, New Carlisle, OH

People's Choice PA-22/20 N2519P
Owned by Dick Zukowitz at that time, now owned by Dean Dayton

Best Colt N4828Z
Ralph Widman, Lynchburg, OH

Best Tri-Pacer N7424D
Ralph Gutowski, Oxford, OH
Photo Gallery
Pictures from the fly-in to Sporty's
on February 9, 2019. Photos by Ralph Gutowski.
(Clockwise from left) Dean Dayton, Jim Gray, Dale Kirby, Carolyn Awalt, Jan Widman, Russ Berry, Kennet DeJesus, Ralph Widman, and Leon Awalt.
Denns Freeman (left), a pilot for FedEx who is looking to buy a Short Wing Piper, joined the gang. He is seated next to Dean Dayton.
Jan Widman gives new meaning to "nose bowl." Ralph W. brought this piece from a restoration project on which he is working. He had to do some extensive repairs using his skill as a certificated aircraft welder.
The "Queen of Pies" is Carolyn Awalt. Here are two extraordinarily delcious pies she baked for the fly-in - an apple and a coconut cream with merangue. Fabulous treats!
Dale Kirby flew his PA-22/20 from Green County. He and his son Andrew just finished recovering the wings and landing gear. They did a great job, too.
(L-R): Dennis Freeman, Dale Kirby, and Ralph Widman are bundled up in the 22 deg F. weather.
Dean Dayton parked his PA-22/20 next to Dale Kirby's, making it two SWPs parked right in front of the main entrance to Sporty's Pilot Shop. Dean's airplane sports VGs and side sticks.
Carolyn Awalt and Jan Widman filling their plates with potato, waldorf, and fruit salads that were accompaniments to Sporty's free metts, dogs, and smokies from the grill. Home made brownies and pies added to our enjoyment.
Dale Kirby's PA-22/20 with newly covered wings and landing gear gleams in the sun in front of Sporty's Pilot Shop.

You can see more pictures in past newsletters in the archives on the Newsletter page.

2012 Outstanding Chapter Award
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Jan's Plaque
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A gallery of SWPC
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