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PA-22 Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs)
Data as of July 22, 2017

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SA00024NYInstallation of Airwolf remote mounted engine oil filter kit AFC-K007 on single or multi-engineXXXX
SA00061LAInstallation of JPI digital tachometer.XX
SA00068SEInstallation of fuel flow/pressure instruments. (W/TSIO-360-MB1)XXXXX
SA00081NYInstallation of Iceman Aviation Supplies Inc. Carburetor Ice Detector.XXXX
SA00092SE30.5 gallon fuel tanks manufactured and installed.XPA-22-150 only
SA00097SEInstallation of a vortex generator kit.XX
SA00149BOInstallation of Aircraft Components, Inc. Volt and Vac Alert System, P/N 2044-1X
SA00191ATInstallation of carbon steel brake discs that have melonite surface treatment.XPA-22-108 only
SA00215NYInstallation of CAVU Model AM100 AVMIX engine fuel/air mixture setting system.XXXXX
SA00315SEInstallation of a Harrison oil cooler Part No 8526250 mounted to the baffling behind cylinder #4XPA-22-160 only
SA00343BO Installation of a single configuration or a dual configuration Avidyne Corporation Integrated Flight DisplayXX
SA00344BOInstallation of Parmetheus Plus LED PAR36 and PAR46 taxi and landing lights.XXXXX
SA00352BOInstallation of an Avidyne Corporation Mode A/C/S Transponder with ADS-B Out capability, Model AXP340XX
SA00369WIReplacement of Scott Master Branke Cylinder with Geredes Master Brake CylinderX
SA00382BOInstallation of Globalstar Antenna and Cradle provisions to support a Globalstar GPS-1700 inXX
SA00393SEInstallation of the G/S 2500 and G/S2500R Aircraft Security Alarm System.XX
SA00402SEInstallation of a remote spin-on oil filter adapter. (GC-1B w/Lycoming or Cont 360 engineXX
SA00428SEInstallation of a modified instrument panelXPA-22-150,160 &108
SA00432SEInstallation of EGT 701 series fuel flow instrument.XX
SA00478CHInstallation of Cooper Superflite 102 Fabric.XXXXX
SA00633DEInstallation of Leading Edge Exhaust SystemXX
SA00678SEInstallation of J. P. Instruments 8Jimline EGT-100 series primary instrumentsXX
SA00680SEInstallation of Electronics International model UBG-16 or UBG-16T bar graph engine analyzer.XXXXX
SA00711DEInstallation of an Aero Vision International, Inc. Metal Halide High Intensity Discharge (HID) lampXX
SA00744DEInstallation of the Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) Out Equipment using a Trig Avionics TT31 TransponderXX
SA00753DEnstallation of Engine Oil Cooler SystemXPA-22-150 only
SA00756DEInstallation of Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) Out Equipment using a Trig Avionics TT22 TransponderXX
SA00765DEInstallation of Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) Out functionality using the BendixKing KT74 TransponderXX
SA00780SEInstallation of the True Lock Safety Retention Axle Lock Nut System in accordance with AML NoXXXXX
SA00851SEInstallation of Rudder Trim System.XX
SA00854SERemoval of upper cross bar from control yoke(s).XSingle S/N only
SA00861SEInstallation of J.P. Instruments (JPI) fuel flow indicating systemX
SA00866SEInstallation of 8.50x6, 8.00x6, or 7.00x6 tires and tubes in matched sets on the main landing gear.XSingle S/N only
SA00932SEInstallation of the Stewart wing tip assembly in accordance with Stewart Wing Tip Assembly MasterXXXXX
SA00954SEInstallation of J.P. Instruments (JPI) Primary Temperature Indicating System in accordance with JPIXX
SA00954WIInstallation of Concorde RG Series Battiers in Piper Single Engine Airplanes.XX
SA01015SEInstallation of eligible Alaska Tire and Rubber Company TSO-C62d Tires as listed in Approved ModelXXXXX
SA01026SEImproved fuel gascolator assembly -Steve's AircraftXXXXX
SA01031SEData pertaining to this modification are considered inadequate for duplication in other aircraft.XSingle S/N only
SA01085LAInstallation of the VNS 1000 Voice Navigation System.XX
SA01100ATInstallation of Composite Spinner.XPA22-150, 160
SA01147WIInstallation of Concorde FLA or VRSLA series batteries in Piper Light Airplanes.XX
SA01158WIInstallation of Aero Enhancements UV250-1 Supplemental Instrument Panel Lightning System. XXXX
SA01229SEInstallation of CNX80 GPS WAAS Navigator with integrated VHF Navigation and Communication radios.XX
SA01233SEManufacture of Alaskan Bushwheel, Inc. (ABI) tail wheel and fork assembly per ABI DocumentXXXXX
SA01240SEInstallation of secondary voltage indication systemXXXXX
SA01251SEThe manufacture of a Sunvisor System.XXXXX
SA01280CHInstallation of Challenger Spin-On Oil Filters.(For Cessna 182 model, s/n 67042 and up) (For CessnaXSingle S/N only
SA01330LAInstallation of alternate avionics support assembly.XX
SA01365CHInstallation of Aero Ski Manufacturing Co. Model T3000 tail ski.X
SA01435SEInstallation of J.P. Instruments (JPI) Primary Engine Data Management SystemX
SA01473SEInstallation of a GTX 32 (mode C), GTX 33 (mode S), or GTX 33D (mode S with diversity) RemoteXX
SA01487SE-DInstallation of a GDL 69 or GDL 69A XM Satellite ReceiverXX
SA01516SEReplacement of the Scott Master Brake Cylinder (Non-Vented Diamphram type) with a Steve’s AircraftX
SA01577SEData pertaining to this modification are considered inadequate for duplication in other aircraft.XSingle S/N only
SA01582SEFabrication and installation of battery boxXX
SA01669CHInstallation of Challenger Reusable Air FilterXXXX
SA01678SEInstallation of a Lycoming O-360-A1P engine with a Hartzell HC-C2YK-1BF/F7666A propeller.X
SA01692SEInstallation of a Garmin GMX 200 Multi-Function DisplayXX
SA01695SEInstallation of an antennaXX
SA01714WIInstallation of a Garmin transponders: (a) GTX 330/330D/33/33D with ADS-B Out functionality; (b)XX
SA01734SEApplication of Stewart Systems synthetic fabric covering system to aircraft fuselage, wings, tailXXXXX
SA01765SEInstallation of Alaskan Bushwheel Inc (ABI) TSO-C26d wheels, Part Number (P/N) ABI-1010.XXXXX
SA01770NYInstallation of CAM 556-643. Canadian Aero Manufacturing Oil CoolerXX
SA01800SEFabrication and installation of new or replacement of existing instrument panel lights dimmerXX
SA01818WIInstallation of Garmin G5 Electronic Flight InstrumentXX
SA01835WIInstallation of Trig Avionics TY-96 or TY-97 VHF Communications RadioXX
SA01861SEFabrication and installation of Landing Light ControllerXX
SA01863SEInstallation of Niagara Oil Cooler in the above model aircraftXXX
SA01923LAInstallation of the P-1000 Digital Electronic Tachometer.X
SA01933LA-DInstallation of Garmin Model 400W / 500W Series GPS-WAAS Navigation SystemXX
SA01944CHModify airplane to fly on unleaded automotive gasoline, 87 minimum antiknock index, per ASTMXXXXX
SA01988SEInstallation of Electronics International Inc. Glass Panel Engine Monitor (with In-Flight Data)XXX
SA02019SE-DInstallation of Garmin GTN 6XX/7XX Navigation SystemXX
SA02033ATModification to install an air-oil separator to prevent oil from being aspirated from the engineXXXXX
SA02093AKInstallation of hourmeter airspeed switch.XXXX
SA02110CHInstallation of a Time Trac Data RecorderXXXXX
SA02115AKFabrication and installation of 30.5 gallon wing fuel tank sight gages.XPA22-150, 160
SA02119SEInstallation of Garmin GDL 88 ADS-B UAT Transceiver SystemXX
SA02121SEInstallation of Garmin GTS 825 (TAS) or GTS 855 (TCAS I) Traffic SystemXX
SA02128LAInstallation of aileron and flap hinge repair bushingsXXXXX
SA02153AKInstallation of Burl's Aircraft Rebuild Magnum I tail wheel penetration tail ski per Burl'sXX
SA02154AKInstallation of the UPS Aviation Technologies Inc. Apollo MX20 multi-function display, P/NXX
SA02171AKInstallation of a 24-gallon right wing fuel tank, P/N DC18049-24G-25R and 24-gallon left wing fuelXX
SA02212AKReplacement of existing landing and/or taxi light reflector and bulbs with high intensity dischargeXXXXX
SA02217AKInstallation of Garmin AT Model GDL90 UAT Data Link System, in accordance with Garmin AT, Inc., GDLXX
SA02241AKInstallation of a Maule Fuel Selector Valve and Associated Fuel System Upgrade in accordance withXXX
SA02246LAInstallation of a flap handle extension.XX
SA02263AKFabrication and Installation of a Left Hand Seaplane Door.XXX
SA02264AKFabrication and Installation of a Right Hand Seaplane Door.XXX
SA02268CHInstallation of Airwolf Filter Corp. Air Oil SeparatorXXXXX
SA02280AKInstallation of a Maule Fuel Selector Valve.XX
SA02283SEInstallation of Electronics International Inc. Glass Panel Engine Monitor (with In Flight Data)XXXXX
SA02295AKInstallation of a high capacity fule gascolator assembly.XX
SA02299AKInstallation of a replacement fuel selector valve.XX
SA02306AKInstallation of a Lycoming O-360-A1A, A1D, A2A, A2D, A2E, A2F, A3A, A3D, A4A, A4M, A4N, or A4PXXX
SA02309AKInstallation of a stabilizer trim systemXX
SA02321AKInstallation of EDO 89-2000 floats modifiedXX
SA02345AKInstallation of Piper PA-18 three-inch extended gear & Maule Oleo StrutXXX
SA02383AKInstallation of offset single handle control yoke (left side, left offset and right side, rightXX
SA02386AKReplacement of existing landing and/or taxi light reflector and bulbs with Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting systemsXXXXX
SA02402SEInstallation of Electronics International Inc. Glass Panel Engine MonitorXXXXX
SA02428AKInstallation of a hydraulically actuated ski drag assembly XXXXX
SA02428SEInstallation of an Air Stream Switch for an electric time recording deviceXX
SA02434NYInstallation of a Digital Engine Monitoring system.XXX
SA02442AKApproval of the L-3 Communications NGT 2000/2500 ADS-B systemXX
SA02444AKApproval of the L-3 Communications NGT 9000/9000R ADS-B system installed XX
SA02483AKInstallation of : (1) Cleveland 199-62 or 199-62A wheel and brake kit or ABI LLC AB-199-62 orXXX
SA02484AKInstallation of Sensenich W80CM8 wood propellerXXX
SA02511SEInstallation of replacement fuel quantity indicator sending unit(s)X
SA02532ATInstallation of subject Michelin tires on appropriate aircraft. For Michelin 5, 6, 8, and 10-inchXX
SA02547ATInstallation of a Voice Alert System.X
SA02567CHInstallation of Piper Part Number 12769 Stabilizer and Piper Part Number 12770 Elevators in lieu ofXX
SA02670CHInstallation of McCauley Propeller model 1A175GM824XXX
SA02672CHInstallation of 8:50 tires and tubes in lieu of original components in accordance with installationXX
SA02717NYInstallation of VoiceFlight Systems LLC VFS101 Speech Recognition ModuleXX
SA02734CHInstallation of Lightweight Battery and Circuit Breaker Master Switch in lieu of originalXXX
SA02738CHInstallation of L-3 Communications Avionics SystemsXXXXX
SA02751CHInstallation of McCauley Propeller model 1A200FA824XXXX
SA02790CHInstallation of modified wingtipsXX
SA02825NYInstallation of Aerospace Logic Aircraft InstrumentsXXXXX
SA02846CHInstallation of MT Propeller model MTV-15-B/210-58 on Piper Aircraft models PA-20 and PA-22,XXX
SA02858CHInstallation of Piper Part Number 21242 and F. Atlee Dodge P/N 3143-12 float fittings in lieu ofXX
SA02865ATInstallation of ACS Products Company cockpit control wheels. Limited to installation on PA-22-150,XSingle S/N only
SA02898CHInstallation of new engine baffling and rear mounted engine oil coolerXX
SA02899CHInstallation of new lower cowling and carburetor air boxXX
SA02929CHInstallation of Lycoming O-360 engine in accordance with Installation Instructions, Report SA300XXX
SA02934CHInstallation of the Custom Fiberglass Molding, Inc. (CFMI) Model Alaskan 2500 Main Landing GearXX
SA02987CHInstallation of the Electroair Electronic Ignition SystemXXXX
SA03113ATInstallation of Gomolzig Quietflight low noise silencer P/N PA-22-606500.XPA-22-150 and 108
SA03148NYThe installation of the Latitude Technologies Corporation S100 Tracking SystemXX
SA03658ATInstallation of a Voice Alert System to incorporate as primary annunciators for stall and gearX
SA03898NYInstallation and maintenance of ORATEX covering and coating materialXXX
SA04032CHInstall rocker switch assembliesXXXX
SA04046CHInstallation of L-3 GENESIS ™ Electronic Standby Instrument System (ESI-500/MAG-500)XX
SA09150SCReplacement of Piper wheel assembly p/n 451-750 and brake assembly p/n 451-708 with Cleveland wheelX
SA09470SCInstallation of Starter Indicator light system.XXX
SA09745SCModification of the airframe.X
SA1002NWInstallation of a pilot's doorXPA-22-150 only
SA1008WEInstallation of Poly-Fiber covering material.XXXX
SA10126SCInstallation of Aero Advantage ADV200 series vacuum pump per Aero Advantage Drawing Number ADVMSIXX
SA1015NWInstallation of a Lycoming O-360-A3A engine, a McCauley 1A200/DFA-8243 (Seaplane) propeller,XPA-22-160 one S/N
SA10236SCInstallation of a GDC 31 Roll Steering ConverterXX
SA1027NWAuxiliary fuel tanks.XPA-22-150 &160 only
SA1033EAReplace steel oil cooler lines with Aeroquip type 303-8 hose using AN-823-8D elbows, AN-816-8DX
SA10682SCInstallation of alternator and voltage regulatorXXX
SA10822SCInstallation of EFD1000 Primary Flight DisplayXX
SA1-10869A110 gyro stabilizer.X
SA11172SCInstallation of an ADS600-B Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Universal AccessXX
SA11174SCInstallation of BendixKing by Honeywell KSN 770 and KSN 765 WAAS LPV approach capable nav/comm systemsXX
SA1-128Dry vacuum pump 113A1 for counter- clockwise engine accessory drive and 113A2 for clockwise drive,X
SA1177WEWECO carburetor temperature monitor.X
SA1202WEInstallation of control position indicator (CPI) system.X
SA1-22McCauley fixed pitch propellers1A170/GM7459 and 1A170/GM7457 with Lycoming O-320 engine.XPA-22-150
SA1-23McCauley fixed pitch propellers1A170/GM7455 and 1A170/GM7453 with Lycoming O-290-D2 engine.XPA-22-135
SA1238NWInstallation of a Lycoming engine and Sensenich propellerXS/N 22-3351 only
SA124EAShur-Vent fuel tank filler cap.X
SA1-255Dart I-M turn control unit.X
SA1259GLInstall Aero Ski Model R2800 retractable skis.X
SA126SOInstallation of wing fabric attachment clips.XXXX
SA1-274Installation of Lycoming O-320(150 hp) series engine and Sensenich M74DM propeller.X
SA1-275Lycoming O-320 150 hp engine and Sensenich M74DM propeller, Piper PA-22-150 engine baffles,X
SA1-282Replacement of fabric covering with metal skins.XXX
SA1315WEInstallation of Mixture Monitor (exhaust gas temperature probe, gage and selector) in accordanceX
SA1-325Replacement of fabric covering with metal skins, ailerons and flaps.XX
SA1-327Replacement of fabric covering with metal skins.XXX
SA1-337Oil-free vacuum pump PA-201.X
SA1351WEReplace existing fabric on wings, fuselage, empennage, and/or control surfaces, with Ceconite101XXXXX
SA1360CEChrome-plated brake disc installation.X
SA1-383Lube oil filter PB 55-1.X
SA1-386Installation of heated pitot tube. Installation of heated pitot tube. Public domain. Contact FAA'sX
SA1418SOReplacement of rotor vanes in Airborne 211CC and 212CW vacuum pumps. (See limitations)X
SA143EAUnivair Aeromatic F-200H/0074E propeller on aircraft utilizing Lycoming O-320 or O-320-A1A engine.XPA-22S-150 only
SA144ALRemote compass bracket.XXXXX
SA1455NMInstallation of a flame proof auxiliary heater-dryer, Model12-1600.XXXXX
SA145CEAPU receptacle under the right front seat to the right of battery box.X
SA1487WEInstallation of Brittain Industries, Inc. Model B2C Flight Control SystemXX
SA1-492Metallizing of wing panel excluding aileron and flap.XX
SA1493GLInstall shoulder harness and seat belt assembly.X
SA1-510Installation of Sur-Vent fuel tank filler cap manufactured.XXX
SA1512WEInstallation of exhaust gas temperature monitoring systems Model EGT-1.XX
SA1524NMInstallation of stamped aluminum wing ribs.X
SA1557NMInstallation of Jensen Aircraft fuel valve plug No. 011-1.X
SA157CEJump seat baggage compartments.X
SA1587NMInstallation of replacement long-life lift strut.X
SA1-604Installation of Aerostat external power receptacle.X
SA1626NMInstallation of Electronics Int'l Digital EGT/CHT Instruments and accessories. (201 Series)XXXXX
SA1678NMInstallation of replacement wing ribs.XX
SA181RMInstallation of Lycoming Model O-360-A4A engine and Sensenich Model 76EM8-60 propeller.X
SA1-90McCauley fixed pitch MET-L-PROP1A170/GM7452 and 1A170/GM7454 in aircraft with Lycoming O-290-DX
SA1906NMInstallation of Schneider wheel skis, 6-inch to 10-inch aluminum wheel adapters and 29x11.0-10X
SA191NEReplace original brake discs with discs modified in accordance with Roland Longarzo procedure.XPA-22-108 only
SA1949CEOperation of airplane on unleaded automotive gasoline, 87 minimum antiknock index and leadedX
SA2040AKInstallation of vented fuel cap assembly (P/N 3267).XX
SA2105WEInstallation of Model EGT-3 exhaust gas temperature monitor(with rising temperature alarm). (DC-6BX
SA2127WEInstallation of Madras Air Service Model 104 wing tips.XXXX
SA2137NMInstallation of an AVCO Lycoming 0-360-A4A engine and a Sensenich Model 76EMM-60XSN 22-4042 only
SA2142WEInstallation of DASCO Heated Pitot Tube Kit 2022-12.XX
SA2167NMInstallation of the Precise Flight stand-by vacuum system (SVS).XXXXX
SA2190NMInstallation of electronics International Digital Volt/Amp Gauges and Accessories.XXXXX
SA21NWInstallation of a 70 pound baggage compartment in either or both EDO 89-2000, 89A-2000 or 689-2130XX
SA220SOTow bar, release mechanism, and safety tow link.X
SA22RMManufacture of exact replacement parts, front and rear lift strut assembly.XXX
SA232GLInstallation of Huron Aviation Products alternator, P/N 10346, and regulator, P/N 10316.X
SA2335SOInstallation of Appalachian Accessories P/N 73-5 brake discs.XPA-22-108 only
SA2350NMInstallation of Electronics International Inc digital carburetor/outside air temperature gaugesXXXXX
SA2355NMInstallation of two 30 gallon tanks. Total useable fuel is 58 gallons. (PA-22-160 modified per STCXPA-22 150 & 160 only
SA236NWInstallation of a Hartzell HC-C2YL-1B/F7663-4 propeller; a Woodward 210452 Governor, with aXPA-22-150 only
SA2386SWInstallation of S.A.F.E., EGT, CHT Systems.XX
SA241CHInstall Ceconite 101 fabric.X
SA247SORemoval of door during operation of aircraft.X
SA2509CEInstallation of a Piper PA-22-150 wing ad removal of the rudder aileron interconnectXPA-22-135 only
SA2557NMInstallation of KS Avionics EGT/CHT-2( ) combined exhaust gas and cylinder head temperatureXX
SA2586NMInstallation of J.P. Instruments temperature monitoring systems.XX
SA2599CEOperation of airplane on unleaded and leaded automotive gasoline, 91 minimum antiknock indexXPA-22-160 only
SA2687NMInstallation of Truboplus/ Electronics Int'l gauges and switches.XXXXX
SA2693NMInstallation of Electronics International digital volt/amp gauges and accessories.XXXXX
SA26EAConversion of aircraft for parachute jumping and aerial photography.X
SA278WEInstallation of Brittain Model B2D Flight Control System XX
SA281NWInstallation of squared off rectangular wing tipsX
SA2844CEInstallation of a plastic cap enclosure over the anti-collision strobe light system.XXXXX
SA2939SOInstallation of a PA-22 tricycle gear as modified to a conventional gear PA-20 pacer configuration.XPA-22-108 only
SA2-945Installation of Fiberglass Covering.X
SA297ALInstallation of McCauley 1A175 GM8241 propeller.XPA-22S-150 only
SA304NWInstallation of a PA20 landing gear and removal of rudder/aileron interconnectXPA-22-150 only
SA308EAInstallation of carburetor ice detection system 105AP in single and twin engine aircraft and singleXXXX
SA3-143Grimes D7080-12 rotating beacon on fuselage access panel.X
SA314SOInstallation of Lycoming 0-290-D engine.XPA-22-208 only
SA316SOCarburetor ice detector.X
SA317NEInstallation of Auto-Vac-2 manifold vacuum system.XX
SA3259NMIncrease maximum weight to 1736 pounds.XPA-22-108 only
SA3276NMReplace stabilizer adjustment control pulleys.X
SA334SWInstallation of InterAv Alternator.XXX
SA3-363Installation of Doyn Fiberglass Wheel Fairings in accordance with Doyn Drawingg No. 1300 and DoynX
SA3-382Manually operated oil cooler shutter assembly.X
SA3-477Installation of Model C-2200 main main and AWN1200A nose wheel skis.X
SA3-494Installation of Model C2200 main ski and AWN-1200A nose wheel ski.X
SA3518NMInstallation of a skylight, in accordance with Steve’s Aircraft Drawing No. SP-3200, Sheet 1XXXXX
SA3519NMInstallation of a skylightX
SA3527NMIncreases length of each fuel tank by 9 inches to provide an increase in fuel volume ofXS/N 22-5250 only
SA352NEAirframe modification for installation of modern instrument panel.X
SA3531NMInstalling copper electrical cables. (182 S/N 33000 THRU 33842) (8E 833 and UP)XXX
SA356CHInstallation of seaplane safety covers.XX135 hp Seaplane only
SA3606NMInstallation of landing gear fueling step.XXXX
SA3608NMInstallation of landing gear fueling step.X
SA3610NMInstallation of Schneider Wheel Skis, Inc. SWS-11000 tundra tires, wheels, and hubs.X
SA3614NMInstallation of PA-14 wings, modified lift struts, lengthening fuselage, install PA-18 empennageXPA22-150
SA3628NMApplication of polyurethane finishing system.X
SA3-631Dacron cover.X
SA3-639Removal of rear door, operation with door removed, and reinstallation of door.X
SA3-654Laminated plastic and fiberglass nose.XX
SA3-709Install Piper control modification kit, P/N 754-174.XPA-22-135
SA3-77Vertical fin plates attached to tip ribs of horizontal stabilizer seaplane operation only.X
SA3862NMInstallation of Electronics International Primary TIT/EGT/CHT instruments, remote switches andXXXXX
SA388SOMetalize wings, wing landing/taxi light installation.X
SA395GLInstallation of Aero Ski wheel in accordance with the following: 1) Model M180 and M2000 skis2)X
SA4005NMInstallation of Precise Pulselite control unit in landing/taxi system. (HP Jetstream Model 3101 ANDXXXX
SA4008NMInstallation of removable panels on the battery box slides.XX
SA402NWInstallation of a Prestolit Alternator and electrical systemX
SA40EAWet-to-dry vacuum pump conversion kit 300-1.X
SA4-1210Installation of Eonnex cover on aircraft surfaces.XXXX
SA4-1263Installation of conventional landing gear. (PA-22-160 landplane normal category only)X
SA4-1346Fiberglas covering of airplane surfaces.X
SA4-1502AB-6564 brake blocks.X
SA4-1587Retractable wheel fairing on main landing gear.X
SA4-1621Removal of left-hand door for parachute jumping and aerial photography.X
SA4172NMInstallation of Aviation Development oil filter.XXX
SA4-222Fiberglass covering.X
SA4-298Fuselage structural alterations and additions to provide for the installation of Fairchild AviationX
SA4-302Installation of BN-1 propeller spinner.XX
SA4305WEInstallation of GAR-AERO wheel adapters and tundra type tires on the main landing gearXXXXX
SA4-343B Arcon.X
SA4-391Fiberglass wheel fenders.X
SA447WETorso tank 61900 or 64200.X
SA448CEPrestolite ALK-5000 alternator.X
SA4503NMInstall Ceconite covering material.XXXXX
SA453ALInstallation of fiberglass wing tips.X
SA45RMConversion from tri-cycle landing gear (nose wheel) to conventional landing gear (tail wheel).X
SA461WERemoval of right-hand door for parachute jumping and aerial photography operations.X
SA4635NMModification of wing lift struts.XXX
SA4653NMFabrication of Model 8400 brake booster assembly, and modification of Scott Aviation Model B-711X
SA466NWConversion of the landing gearXPA-22-160 S/N 22-6320
SA4-815Installation of a Lycoming O-320 engine and Sensenich M74DM propellerX
SA481WELycoming O-320-A1A engine and Sensenich M74DM propeller.X
SA4-840Fabric replaced with glass cloth on wings, fuselage, empennage and/or control surfaces.XX
SA484CHInstallation of instrument light dimmer system.X
SA4-871Aerofilter 30409A with element 1A0235.X
SA489EAInstallation of ARP Inc. carburetor ice detection systemXXXXX
SA48ALL1650A or L2000A skis.X
SA4900NMInstallation of Cleveland wheels and brakesXS/N 22-1806
SA4-903Ceconite 101 covering of fuselage, wings, horizontal and vertical stabilizer, ailerons, flaps,X
SA4-925Magnetic flight director 2000.X
SA4-938Eonite covering on entire aircraft.X
SA4947NMInstallation of a Lycoming O-360-A4A engine and Sensenich76EM8-60 propeller.X
SA4-977Installation of Fiberglass rudder post mount for either Grimes or Whelen WRM rotating beacons.XXXXX
SA4-998Installation of wheel fairings.X
SA5096NMRemoval of original engine oil cooler and installation of a Piper engine oil cooler. Limited toXPA-22-135 S/N 22-2170 only
SA5-13Installation of 8.50x6 tires and tubes with Hayes 6-inch wheels.XXX
SA5156NMFabrication and installation of Pulsar-MOSFET Landing Light Flasher SystemXX
SA5159NMInstallation of chip detector system.XXXXX
SA5-2Installation of conventional tail wheel type landing gear from Piper PA-20 in place of tricycleX
SA5-30Rear door removed.X
SA536ALFabrication and installation of Stoddard Aero Service wing auxiliary fuel tanks per Stoddard AeroX
SA545ALInstallation of leading edge cuff.XPA-22-150 only
SA557ALInstallation of left hand front door.XPA-22-150 only
SA5-60SA5-60Installation of Russ Simpson sea fins.XX
SA563CHAuthorizes installation of engines equipped w/Unison Limited Authority Spark Advance RegulatorX
SA5656NMInstallation of burglar alarm system.XX
SA573SWInstallation of Plane Booster wing tip kit 101-250.XXXXX
SA589WEFull flow oil filter F-94056 and F-94056-12 with element E-3560 MEL 800.XX
SA5924NMInstallation of RPM instrument.XXXXX
SA5925NMInstallation of oil pressure/temperature instrument.XXXXX
SA5926NMInstallation of manifold pressure instrument.XXError in AML
SA593CHInstall Champion SlickSTART magneto booster system.XXXXX
SA60CEInstallation of Pee-Kay Model 1800 floats.XPA-22-108 only
SA615EAInstallation of Whelen Anti-Collision Strobe Light Systems, Part Number 01-0770006-( ),XXXXX
SA625ALInstall fiberglass wing tip assembly.X
SA666NWInstallation of Teflon control yoke bail or control yoke bushings.XX
SA666WEEdo 88-1650 floats with Harrison oil cooler AP13SJ03-01 or AP12CU03-01, bottom engine cowl assemblyX
SA703CEInstall aileron and wing fences and booster tips per STC SA573SW.XPA-22-150 only
SA7086NMInstallation of instrument panel.XPA-22-135 only
SA715NWInstallation of wing fabric attachment clipsXPA-22-108 S/N 22-8280 only
SA71GLInstallation of air filtersXXXX
SA721ALInstallation of Schneider Model SWS-4000 main wheel skis and Schneider Model SWS-1000 tail wheelX
SA800EAInstallation of Aviation White Anti-Collision Strobe Lights. Whelen Models A429, A430, A434, A450,XXXXX
SA819SWInstallation of extended wings and fuselage, drooped wing tips (optional), and modified landingXPA22-150, 160 only
SA8334SWInstallation of dual toe brakes including rudder pedals, linkages and torque tubes.X
SA8438SWInstallation of dual toe brakes including rudder pedals, linkages and torque tubes.XXX
SA847EAInstallation of Lycoming O-320-A(150 hp) or O-320-B (160 hp) engine.XPA-22-108 only
SA849GLSuperseded by STC SA01944CH. Modify airplane to fly on unleaded automotive gasoline, 87 minimumX
SA889GLInstallation of Ceconite 102 fabric. Limited to installation on Piper PA-22, serial number 22-5692XS/N 22-5692 only
SA8922SWInstallation of replacement Ultimate Engine Oil Filter for Textron Lycoming and TeledyneXPA-22-150, 160 only
SA91ALChange of brake system from drum and shoe type to disc type as used on PA-22-108 by changing brakeX
SA936NWLycoming O-360-A1A, McCauley1A200-FA8248 propeller spinner, engine mount, exhaust system, modifiedXPA22-150,160
SA95NWInstallation of Lycoming O-360-A1A engine, McCauley 1A200-FA8248 propeller, and associates sub-X PA22-160 only
SA993NWInstallation of a Lycoming O-360-A1A engine, a McCauley 1A200-HFA/8041 propeller cowling, air inletXPA22-160 S/N 22-6264 only
ST01085LAInstallation of the VNS 1000 Voice Navigation System.XX
ST01494LAInstallation of the FiberLite Aircraft Lighting System in accordance with Master Document ListXX
ST01700NYInstallation of the following Aerospace Logic aircraft instruments: EGT-100 Exhaust Gas TemperatureXXXX
ST02547ATInstallation of a voice alert system.X
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